Meeting Minutes Archive

Ventura County Green Party Meeting Notes

May 16, 2018


Anthony Krzywicki

Douglas Johannes

Michael Cervantes

Anneliese Anderle

Ron Whitehurst

Paul Rogers

Secretary Report:

-Jim has had no contact for 2 months now and Anthony has reached out to him via Text, Phone, VM, Email and FB messenger and has had no luck getting any response.

-Secretary position is going to need to be replaced at next meeting if we don’t hear back.

-Approved April minutes and April Emergency Meeting minutes.

Co-Co Report

-Ventura is allotted 3 delegates for the General Assembly. Anthony and Jewel are volunteering. Douglas said he would think about it.

-Changes which were approved was to VC By-Laws- Changed name in our Bylaws from The Green Party of Ventura County (GPoVC) to Ventura County Green Party (VCGP)

-We need to update the Bylaws when listed General Assembly they need to say Ventura County General Meeting.

-We also need to update the Bylaws about minimum attendance at General Meetings, and being a councilmember.

Treasurer Report

-Linda not present and will give report next month

Membership and Events

-Junteenth event in Oxnard June 16th, Doug will contact Camarillo Green to see if she can assist.

-July 4th Street Fair, Michael might be able to assist.

Immigration Committee

-Paul Rodgers gave a brief descriptions of immigrations issues, see handout.

-Committee Formed and will have first meeting Tuesday June 5th at 6pm, location TBD.

Next Meeting June 19th, at Ventura Ave. Library at 630pm